Pressings & Flat Strip Components

Flat Strips & Pressings

Pressings and flat strip components can come in limitless shapes and sizes and can have a wide range of functions from leaf springs, circlips, electrical terminals, slides or non-spring-loaded functions such as brackets.

We design and manufacture all types of flat metal pressed parts in all quantities.

We can manufacture complicated components in limitness shapes and sizes

As pressings and flat strip components can be quite complicated in their form (they can be used in many products such as mobile phones, computers and medical equipment). They can be designed to perform more than one mechanical function thereby reducing the number of components. There are so many options available in the design of pressings and flat strip parts. We can assist with not only designing the component but also designing and manufacturing special purpose tooling.

Cost effective tooling solution

Depending on the annual usage of the flat strip part, we will make recommendations on the most cost-effective manufacturing solution and method from single point tooling through to full progressions press tools.

There are a variety of materials available in the production and design of pressings and flat strip components. There are different grades of hardness in flat strip materials and they can be heat treated to increase their strength and hardness. When formability is needed, we will use annealed carbon steel and when corrosion protection is required then we will look at using stainless steels as they have excellent resistance to elevated temperatures.

When there is a need for high electrical and thermal conductivity and/or non-magnetic properties, we would look at incorporating copper-based alloys. Another benefit is that they have good atmospheric corrosion resistance. Most copper-based components are used as electrical contacts so many of the copper parts are electro-plated. You can find out more about the different materials available in manufacturing pressings and flat strip components here.

In-House tool design and production

Our special tool design and production office can design any component and progression tool you need. Using the latest CAD design software which also links through to our EDM and Machining centre, every single flat strip part is designed and manufactured individually.

All quantities can be made with a wide range of finishes and materials from gold plate for electrical terminals to bright finishes for visible parts. We can also provide painted and plastic finishes.

Rigorous ISO 9001 Testing & Inspection

In our inspection department, we will ensure your flat strip parts are manufactured to the highest standard. Our team will ensure your flat strip products are tested rigorously and we are tested to the latest ISO 9001 and we are also members of the Institute of Spring Technology.