In-House Bespoke Design Service

About our Bespoke Design Service

We can provide a bespoke design service to ensure your new wire or flat pressing components are tailored to your needs.

How we provide our bespoke design service

After discussing your requirements, we will design ideas for your review which will be altered and finalised until the designed spring or component fits your needs. The product will then be manufactured and delivered to you at a time that suits.

Using the latest software on our CNC machines, we can test out ideas and amend the spring design which is most cost-effective until the correct design has been finalised.

There are a great number of materials to consider when designing springs which we will take into account. It’s also important to factor in the correct surface treatment when designing your spring or component, depending on the end use there are a variety of options available from gold plating for electrical terminals through to bright finishes for visible parts. We can also incorporate painted and plastic finishes.

Designing Extension Springs

When designing extension springs several factors need to be considered, such as how much force the extension spring needs to be able to generate, the number of coils required, if it needs preload stretching and the hook configuration. Even though the extension spring is similar to the popular compression spring, extension springs are loaded in tension. The hooks or loops allow for the force to be applied as extension springs are usually attached at both ends to other components. As the components move apart, the spring tries to bring them back together. We will evaluate the requirements of your extension springs and design a bespoke spring to meet your needs. Read more about extension springs.

Designing Compression Springs

Compression springs are one of the most popular springs used throughout the industry due to their relatively simple method of production. When designing a compression spring, we will evaluate its function to ensure the design includes the correct number of coils, we will also look at its fittings, the wire diameter the spring diameter and the end cost of the product. There are also several options for end coil formation, a closed and ground spring will require more manufacturing time than a simple closed or open spring. Read more about compression springs.

Designing Torsion Springs

The key element of designing torsion springs is determining the amount of torque required. When designing a torsion spring a spring leg needs to be incorporated so they can supply or withstand torque. These legs can be designed simply or more complicated depending on their end use. It’s also important to determine if the torsion spring needs to be ‘right-handed’ or ‘left-handed’. We will consider all of these factors when designing your bespoke torsion spring. Read more about torsion springs.

Designing Components

Our in-house design team can design and manufacture components in our specialist tool production office. Using the latest CAD design tool design technology which also links to our EDM and machining centre. Every single component is designed and manufactured individually, and large orders can be manufactured on our high-speed power presses.

We can even review and modify your existing components to ensure they are working for you. We have worked with a variety of customers to manufacture bespoke springs and components. See our case studies for more detail.

As a member of the Institute of Spring Technology and certified ISO 9001 you can be assured that all springs and components designed by us will be inspected in our quality department.